~kelsey brooks~

Matt, Sasha and I met a few months ago when a mutual friend contacted me to take their maternity pictures!!   We had such an awesome time, and when baby Kelsey arrived, we decided to hang out again and play!  Oh, wow!!  She is gorgeous!  I loved being with Sasha and Matt!  They were very laid back and we had a blast just adoring Kelsey’s cuteness!  Such a fun day!



Sasha and  Matt,

Thank you so much for letting me come over and capture your amazing little girl!  She is adorable, and I am honored to be asked to take these!  I look forward to taking more pictures of your beautiful family as Kelsey grows and changes!



~luke taylor~

How do I put into a blog how much I love and enjoy some of these families?!?!?  I have known Joshua Kade since he was in high school.   He, too, was in the youth group that I had the privilege of serving.  He has had my heart for many years!  Therefore, I am more than honored to capture his and Ashley’s journey the last few years!   From engagements to their wedding to now this precious gift from God, Luke Taylor!   Tears are filling my eyes as I write this because I adore JK and Ashley!  They are amazing people, and I loved the time I got to share with them a few mornings ago to take these pictures.  We just visited like old friends while I got to snuggle this little guy!  I also had my camera around to capture his funny expressions!  Check out the funny faces for Aunt Mandy (yes, according to Josh, I have a new nephew!  Pure JOY!!!)



Josh, Ashley, and Luke,

I love you three!  Thank you so much for letting me tell your new story!  He is a delight and I can’t wait to see him grow up!  Aunt Mandy is ALWAYS here….even at 3 am!  Serious!

~boy or girl~

You know, life is amazing how it twists and turns.  I have been  blessed to be surrounded by people that I adore through every journey.  After I finished in College Station, I returned to Paris.  God blessed me my allowing me to serve as a secretary and a youth minister at my home church!  WOW!  What a ride it was!  I LOVED…no I ADORED working with the youth, loving on them, and their families while showing them who Jesus was to me and who He wanted to be to each of them.  I am still honored to be a part of many of these precious kid’s lives!  (well, they aren’t kids anymore….but they are still precious!)

Therefore,  I was beyond delighted when Jessica called to see if I could come hang out in Paris one evening…especially when she told me what the event was!  She and Gary are expecting their first little bundle of joy!  Celebrations!!!  I could not wait!  Everyone was supposed to wear blue or pink depending on what their vote was.  I honestly thought girl, but my pink shirt was dirty so I went with blue!  Either way, I know Jessica and Gary are going to be amazing parents!!!


They had done all of the tests to see which they were having!

Everything was decorated in pink and blue!  I loved all of the details!!!


 Even the guests and dogs were in pink or blue!  LOVE!!!!



The box of cupcakes were taped up tight until Gary could open then!  I can’t believe no one peaked, but they swear they didn’t!!!

There they are!  Inside they hold the answer to the big question!!!!!

A special one for the mommy and daddy to share!!!!

And the answer is…..GIRL!!!  I love the look on Jess’s face after she looked inside!

Gary and Jessica, Thank you so much for letting me share this amazing event with you!  I can’t wait to meet Little Miss!!!

So much love to each of you!



~smith wedding~

What a beautiful backyard wedding!  The Crape Myrtles and hydrangeas were in full bloom, and made everything magical!  The details were beautiful and the bride and groom were stunning!  It was a perfect day!



Mr. and Mrs. Smith 🙂 – Thank you so much for letting be a part of your beautiful day!  It was a great honor!

T w i t t e r
F a c e b o o k