Celebrating Mr. Jude

Celebrating is one of my favorite things to do!  I believe this is why Tonya and I are friends.  She LOVES to celebrate, host and treat the world around her with her hospitality, creativity and love.  Therefore, when I heard there was a new grandbaby on the way, I knew the shower would be amazing!  Justin and Morgan are amazing parents to Mr. Brody and adding another boy this this precious family is perfect!  Tonya set an amazing stage for all of us to gather and love on Justin, Morgan, Brody and Jude!  It was a blast and everything was SO yummy!  (by the way, Tonya is an amazing cook and if you ever need someone to cater for you….Tonya is your girl!)  Did I mention it was amazing?



enjoy life!

Showering Miss Violet with Love!

Who doesn’t love a good reason to celebrate?  I think new babies are a GREAT reason to throw a party!  So, we did!  Jamie, Andrea, Tonya and I are too excited to welcome Fallon’s little girl, Violet, into the world!  We wanted to do elegant, girly and fun.  We even brought china from many generations to celebrate in style!  Andrea made some amazing treats and beautiful decorations.  Tonya’s cake was wonderful, and Jamie’s home was the perfect, lovely backdrop to shower Fallon and Miss Violet with love!  We had the guests give Fallon some help/advice for raising this little girl!  Fallon is going to be an amazing mom!


Fallon and Brandon,

I absolutely can not wait to meet your sweet girl!  I am so thankful for your friendship!  You two are going to be amazing parents!  This little angel is blessed!




enjoy life!!

~my loves~

One of my greatest joys and biggest blessing is being Aunt Mandy.  I know I have mentioned it a time or two, but I adore these precious faces.  One of the selfish reasons that I asked Jennifer Armstrong to take our family pictures is because of this shot right here!  I wanted…no I NEEDED an Aunt Mandy shot!  I wanted this to capture all of their adorable selves in one shot that I could blow up and enjoy every day!  I miss them so much when we aren’t together, but I am so very thankful that we have time together.  This picture also marked the end of Camp Aunt Mandy.  Tucker’s 6th stay and Tanner’s 4th.  I am hoping that we can soon add a week for the Aune side of the group!

I am blessed, y’all!  They make my heart sing!


enjoy life!

the farmers


What a joy it is to welcome new family members into our lives!  I was thrilled when April contacted me to take pictures of their family!  I have known her husband, Chris, since he was a little guy!  Our parents were friends, and they moved to Paris when we were in elementary school!  So fun!

We had a blast playing with Miss Hayley!  Her Aunt Shannon had bought her a lot of fun blankets.  So we tried each one.  Raider, their first born ;), even got in on the pictures!  I bet when you look at some of these pictures, you will be able to tell why Raider was named as she was!  Guns Up!


It was a GREAT day!


enjoy life!




celebrating Mom

I am working on organizing my hard drive to streamline my processing of images.  In cleaning it out, I found these pictures of Mom.  We were given a heads up that mom was going to be honored with the North Lamar yearbook being dedicated to her.  Each year, they pick a different staff memeber to honor.  They asked if we would come to the announcement and suprise mom because it truly is a huge deal.

Mom loved working at North Lamar with the kids and the amazing staff there.  They really helped her in a varitety of ways!  My mother was all about children, music and education.  As I mentioned at her funeral, Wal-Mart was AWFUL to go to with mom because she saw a gazillion kids that she knew.  She would stop, greet, and listen to each one!  Now, I would give anything to go to Paris Walmart with her!  Gosh I miss this lady!  Anyway, I digress!


Jason and I snuck into Paris, and hid in the coaches office of the gym until they announced she was the one being honored.  Then we came out and congratulated her!  The kids and the staff were so cute to her!  She introduced us to every one!  It was a GREAT day!  I am extremely thankful that we were a part of it!

enjoy life!



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