~that’s a blessing~

I spent the day on Tuesday with my amazingly talented friend, Jennifer Armstrong.  We spent part of the day talking about blessings.  Love is unconditional, and everything else is a blessing.  It has TRULY changed the way I vew the world around me and the things in my life.  Last night, our air went out, my husband has been blessed with the knowledge of electrical circuits and objects.  Therefore, he was able to use that knowledge, figure out the problem, and fix our A/C for $40. Talk about a HUGE blessing!  We are now in a house that is air conditioned…another blessing.  Everywhere I look, I see blessings.  My mind is being transformed to see what is given to me as HUGE blessings.

My thinking in this is that I want to start adding posts about how my eyes are being opened to the amazing world around us!  I feel so blessed by my family and friends, but I don’t always take time to say, “hey, this keyboard is a huge blessing!”  It might sound silly to you, but it is huge to me!  I love my God and I want to find ways to be thankful and content right in the situation He has placed me.

So, I am excited about this journey and these blog posts!


Let me know what some of your blessing are!





~the prestons ~

I have the wonderful joy of knowing some amzing people in my life!  Matt and Lindsay are awesome!!!  Matt is funny, musical and full of spirit.  Lindsay is gentle, creative, joyful and loving.  Together, they are a delight and laughter abounds from their home! This sweet baby is going to be blessed!!!!

  I was honored to be a part of this amazing season in their life!  The two of them are beyond excited about this next chapter in their life, and we had a blast taking these pictures.

 That morning, we traveled to a few different locations that were special to them!  Denton is a beautiful place, and Matt and Lindsay are valuable members of the community!

The exciting part is that they don’t know what they are having.  They are waiting until the birth!  I can’t wait because I get to go back and take newborn pictures of him or her!  Whoop!  My job is awesome, and it brings me such joy!!!





~josh & ashley ~

It is such an honor to be a part of the wedding day.  It is even more  humbling when the wedding is a dear precious boy who I have known since he was in high school.  I used to do youth ministry, and Joshua Kade was one of those guys who made that time so much fun!  Josh is amazingly talented, has a terrific personality, and amazes me every time I am around him.  When he asked me to come, meet Ashley, and talk about pictures for their engagement & wedding, I was more than honored.  I was a little emotional…I admit.  And those of you that know me, are NOT surprised that I was emotional.  That’s just who God made me to be!

Anyway, back to Josh and Ashley!  What joy!!!!  I love thes pictures because the entire day was amazing!  Josh has picked a great girl, and their friends, the venue, the dress, his tie (lol!)  was all perfection!

Josh and Ashley, Thank you!  Thank you so much for allowing me to watch your love become a marriage and capture this precious time with my camera!  You are both precious to me, and we need to hang out soon!!!

enjoy life!





~mohrman & huggins~

A couple of weeks ago, I shot a beautiful wedding at the South Fork Ranch in Dallas, Texas.    The guests were a blast, the band rocked (the bride’s dad was the drummer….awesomeness!), and the details were breath taking!

The bride, a long time family friend, was gorgeous and the groom was handsome and calm!

I could tell from the first look that Joel is a source of love and strength for Hollie!  It was a perfect moment!






Did I mention the details….amazing!!!



Hollie loves vintage cars.  So, it was no suprise to see them leave in a beauty.  The entire day was perfection!  Thank you so much, Hollie & Joel for letting me be a part of your special day!

T w i t t e r
F a c e b o o k