~layten brynn is here!~

Oh my goodness, another little princess has joined our family!  I had gone to school this morning, and my brother called.  Kristen was having contractions, and they were going to go ahead and do the c-section a day earlier than it was scheduled.   I raced out of the school and to the hospital!  I can tell that this little girl is going to have her own way of getting things done!  What a fun adventure awaits our family!!!!!

I am so blessed!  Layten Brynn Aune was welcomed by my brother, sister-in-law and Keegan!  WHOOP!  She was born just shy of 34 weeks, so she will be in the NICU for a couple of weeks.  However, we are so thankful that she is so strong and beautiful!  Kristen has been on bed rest in the hospital for two weeks and has been in an amazing spirit about the entire journey!

She did have to be on a CPAP machine for a little bit to help with her breathing, but this girl is strong!  She will get off of it quick!!!


Introducing, my niece, Layten Brynn Aune!



Goodbye, Mom

I lost my mom 4 days ago, and the hurt is unbearable!  I had no idea how I would long to hold her hand or hear her voice!

The pain… oh the pain is too much….I miss her!


I heard amazing things about my mom this past weekend.  We were surrounded by family and friends as she slipped into Jesus’ arms.  That is precious to me, but I miss her!


I found this song.  Kathy Troccoli is one of my all time favorites.   This song really ministers to me right now!

Goodbye For Now By Kathy Troccoli


I can’t believe that you’re really gone now

Seems like it’s all just a dream

How can it be that the world will go on

When something has died within me?


Leaves will turn, my heart will burn with colors of you

Snow will fall but I’ll recall your warmth

Summer wind breathing in your memory

I’ll miss you


But there will be a time when I’ll see your face

And I’ll hear your voice and there we will laugh again

And there will come a day when I’ll hold you close

No more tears to cry ’cause we’ll have forever


But I’ll say goodbye for now


I can’t imagine my life without you

You’ve held a place all your own

Just knowing you were beneath the same sky

Oh, what a joy I have known


On rainy days, in many ways, you’ll water my heart

On starry nights I’ll glimpse the light of your smile

Never far from my heart you’ll stay with me

So I’ll just wait


‘Cause there will be a time when I’ll see your face

And I’ll hear your voice and there we will laugh again

And there will come a day when I’ll hold you close

No more tears to cry ’cause we’ll have forever


But I’ll say goodbye for now


But there will be a time when I’ll see that face

And I’ll hear your voice and there we will laugh again

And there will come a day when I’ll hold you close

No more tears to cry ’cause we’ll have forever


But I’ll say goodbye just for now


Goodbye for now

I simply can not wait to go to heaven.  I know it will be glorious to kneel at my Saviors’ feet!  I’m sure the beautiful sounds will be overwhelming.  Now, I add…I can not wait to see my mom, my grandfather, and my sister!  What a glorious reunion.

I am so very thankful for the time God gave me with my mother.  We had rough roads, as most mom and daughters do, but I cherish every moment!  My mom was my biggest fan.  She always believed in me.  She took my hand and led me to Jesus on so many occasions.  Telling me we had pray about this or that.  She was more than I could ever ask for as a mom.  She gave unconditionally!

Oh, that I could look each one of you in the eye and beg you to enjoy your loved ones on this side of heaven.  We are not guaranteed another breath!


Cherish each day, laugh, tell secrets….enjoy life!


#FinishYear in 2012

Happy New Year!!!


On his blog, Jon Acuff challenged everyone to set goals to finish for the year.  Comment, or tweet with the hashtag #FinishYear to share your progress. One thing he said really resinated with me was: “Fear always tries to isolate you when you go on a new adventure, and dreaming is best played as a team sport.”

I think this is one of the reasons I love to dream with Jason.  I feel when we dream together and combine our goals, we have a unifed outlook and can hold each other accountable.  I love the idea of us accomplishing things together, walking through each high and low of the year, but at the end of it all, we will be able to say…”We finished _____________”


I will admit it is VERY vulnerable to put out there what I want to finish this year.  I feel like if I put it out there, then it is real.  It is something that I will have to follow through on.


So, here is what I am committing to finishing this year:

1.) I will journal at least 4 days a week, and I will complete three bible study courses this year.

2.)  I will finish Couch to 5K to jump start my running again.

3.) I want to run at least two 5Ks this year (I really want to do between 3-5 and one half marathon next November, but I am committed to finish some 5Ks).

4.) Borrowing one from Jon: I want to empty a box of thank you notes.  I am so thankful for so many people, and I want be better at telling them how precious they are to me.  There isn’t anything more wonderful than a handwritten note.

5.) I will finish 6 non-fiction books and 6 fictions books (one a month)

6.) I will set a 5 year buisness goal.  These goals will be realistic and written down. This way, I can look at the present and see what I will need to do to get me to the future that I dream of having.

7.) I will go on a road trip to somewhere new that I have never explored before.

8.) I will create a 2012 memory book of personal pictures to remember each month and why it is so precious to me.


What will you finish this year?  I can’t wait to hear, and I look forward to helping you along in your journey!  See you down the road!


10 Things I love about December!

1.) Celebrating Life!   I am so thankful that Jesus came to Earth to die and defeat death for me!  I am also SO very thankful that we get a chance to celebrate that life!  I know that he may or may not have been born this time of year.  However, I love to celebrate!  So, that detail doesn’t matter to me!  All that matters to me is that we stop and say “Happy Birthday, Jesus!  I so glad it’s Christmas!”


2.)  Family Time! I love spending time with my family.  It doesn’t matter if it is my small family that lives at my house or time with Amy and Jason and their crews.  It all delights my soul!!


3.)  Christmas lights!  When the world begins to twinkle with little glowing lights, my heart dances!   I love it!  It makes everything so friendly and peaceful!


4.) TWO WEEK BREAK!  By December, I need a break from school.  The kids and I are exhausted, and it is time to step away, rest and refocus for the next semester!


5.) Buying Christmas Presents!  This year, we have had to really scale back our present buying which is so hard for me.  I love giving to other people.


6.) Mail!   The mail is so exciting in December!  I have some amazing, creative friends and family.  So, I LOVE getting their Christmas cards.  Each day, I can’t wait to see the pictures, hear about their year, and celebrate the precious lives that surround me!


7.) Peppermint!  I really enjoy all things peppermint.  I LOVE a Starbucks Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha. I love peppermint candy, cheesecake, etc.  I get really excited!


8.)  Decorating Our Home!    As mentioned in the Christmas Lights post, I enjoy the spirit of Christmas.  I love getting all of the decorations out and filling our home with memories, colors, and deights….even if no one enters our home besides Jason and I.


9.)  Christmas Sweaters!  I know the fad now is to have parties where everyone dresses in a “tacky” sweater.  However, I love the ones I have.  I don’t consider them tacky.  I consider them to be joyful and fun!


10.) Belting out Carols!  We have some favorites that we pull out every year, but I always keep an open mind to new albums.  We LOVE Point of Grace and Amy Grant.  They are constantly playing in our home!

T w i t t e r
F a c e b o o k